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MafiaShot is the successor Eurogangster mafia browser game which was insanely popular about 10 years ago. The mafia game is back, with a different name, but same POWER! MafiaShot browser mafia game is dark, gore and ruthless. Start doing crimes and work your way up to stealing cars, organized crimes and police chases. Start lifting weights and eliminate your competition. Start a gang or join a an existing one to get connected with other players.

This text-based Mafia Browser Game is all about being social and active in the community. Start your own bullet factory to get some cash flowing. Hit the lottery to test your luck. Active chat system to socialize in Realtime. The game is improving constantly and we hear what our community suggests. If this is your first time in the mafia game, hit the “Newbie Corner” to start your mafia journey!

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This Game is Rated MATURE and Some material may be inappropriate for viewers 17 and under.
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