Few Words About MafiaShot Mafia Browser Game

MafiaShot is an exciting real-life text based game. Text-based Mafia games are very addictive nowadays and you will really have fun to play them.
New players start off very low in rank and easy target.
Be careful because in MafiaShot it doesnt mean anything if you are a new player in the rest community, they will attack you without exception.
Opportunists will not think twice to mug or hospitalize you for a few bucks.
As an online mafia RPG game, the rules are very simple : Build your character. Train your stats. Avoid being attacked-mugged-killed.

To earn money and increase your status you will need to commit different type of crimes and attack in many ways other players. The stronger you are the more you win so prepare to train hard to become the best.

Other game features include starting or joining a Gang, Bank robbery, Police Cells, Hit The Barrel, Do your Daily Tasks, Complete Missions, Do Jobs , Play in Mafiashot casino games, Smuggle and much more …There are so many things that you can do in MafiaShot.

MafiaShot is one of the largests text based RPG Mafia Game . MafiaShot constantly evolving with new features updates, so never you ll get bored in the game.
The community also suggests updates and the MafiaShot Team add them in the game.
This is what sets MafiaShot different from other text-based RPG / PBBG Mafia Game.

Register Now and discover the truth of Real Mafia Games. Browser Games and Online Strategy Games is what defines MafiaShot.

Online strategy games are even better when it comes to playing within a browser, so you ll dont need extreme pc to enjoy MafiaShots gameplay. You can play it anywhere and anytime !!!

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