Referral Contest

How you participate :

You can find your referral code in the Refer Tab ( Referral Page ) where there you can also track your referral or in the Home page.
Your code should be like this where at the end will be your id.
You just copy and paste it in your Social Pages, Friends, Forums, Blogs.

Prizes :

There will be 5 winning places :

1st. Collective Edition Clerk324F ( Worth 2000 Points )
2nd. Collective Edition Corleone ( Worth 2000 Points )
3rd. Corleon DS87 ( Worth 1000 Points )
4th. TP Suit Limited Edition (Worth 1000 Points )
5th. 500 points

Minimum requirements :

The only thing that will validate you in the contest is to have at least 15 contest referrals.
You can view your contest referrals at the top of Leaderboards Page.
If a winner doesnt met the minimum requirements then the members its not qualified for the winning position.

Duration :

Starts : 07/12/20
Ends : 31/12/20

You must copy exactly your referral link cause its case sensitive.
The referred person clicks on your link, registers in the game and then you ll receive +1 contest referral.
If your referred person does a mistake in the registration and click in other page then you should click again the referral link and register.
Also all the rewards that you already get from referred people continues.


MafiaShot Admin

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